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Cocoon Nebula IC5146

August 24th, 2014
The cocoon nebula, in the constellation Cygnus, has always been my nemesis. My previous versions were taken with an unmodified Canon 40D and it was very difficult for me to tease out much detail or depth. This version, now revisited with a cooled CCD, has really opened my eyes to what's out there in this part of the sky. The emission nebula is associated with a 9.5 magnitude cluster of stars and features a beautiful extended trail of dust. Some of you know how much I love these dusty targets in the night sky
Tech Details:
Telescope: AT8inRC
Camera: Sbig8300
Mount: Eq6 pro
Exposure: L 190min, R 160min, G 80min, B 90min.
Processing: PI and PS CC
I can't remember why I ended up with so many red frames but I figured the more the merrier and just threw them into the mix for pre-processing