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LDN673 in Aquila

With no travelling in my cards for awhile, I have been dusting the spiders off of my home astro setup (literally). This eerie looking nebula, designated as LDN673, is 600 light years away and found in the constellation Aquila. This part of the sky is filled with these interestingly shaped dusty objects and tiny golden stars that look like beautiful glitter. I photographed this one over several short summer nights. It's really faint and from my location (bortle 5 orange zone) it was barely visible in a 10min exposure. The transparency of the sky had to be perfect.... This meant that I also had to delete numerous sub frames. In the end I managed to collect 7.5 hrs of luminance data and 2.5 hrs each red, green and blue. I used an 8in RC telescope and SBIG8300 camera. Winter is coming and the dark time is getting longer but so are the cloudy periods... Hoping to squeeze in a couple of fun winter targets before then. Hope you like this!