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A Scenic Night in Binbrook

July 5, 2008
I had the pleasure of observing and photographing the stars at a local conservation area and dark sky site in Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. I imaged this scene with an unmodified Canon 40D, Sigma 17-70mm lens (17mm @f2.8) and standard camera tripod with no tracking. This is a stack of 15x20sec exposures @ ISO 800 on the Milkyway down to the tree line, and another single 20sec exposure on the rest of the landscape below to create a two frame composite. Stacking was done in Deep Sky Stacker and processing was done in PS with layers. I was really lucky that the the water was beautiful and still enough so that the stars casted a nice reflection in the water. In this shot you can also see Jupiter, various nebulas in the Milky Way, Rho Ophiuchus and the light dome from a distant town.

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