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LMC from Chile

The Large Magellanic Cloud*... There are countless deep sky objects in space and photographing them is not out of reach for many of my fellow daytime or night scape photographers. All you will likely need is a small tracker unit to add to your tripod, some additional pre and post processing skills plus a bit of extra patience and determination. For this image I collected 65 x 1 minute frames + dark & flat frames with my unmodified #Canon6D. I used one of my favourite lenses the canon 100mm macro lens at f2.8. Iso 1600 was used. The frames were then stacked in Pixinsight (there are many stacking software out there) and post processing was done in Photoshop and light room. I have a tutorial post and link to a video on one of blog posts about dslr astrophotography on my website... A little out of date but it might help to get you going until I start an upcoming collaborative project ....